What materials are the jewelries made of?

Most of our items are made from combination metal (metal alloy). This means that the items use a mixture of metal that consists of aluminium, copper and nickel with a silver or gold coating. This is to ensure that we can provide on-trend pieces that are at the same time, easy on the pockets.


I have sensitive skin, can I still wear FAWNXFERN jewelry?

We are sensitive to everyone’s needs! We have a curated range of hypoallergenic products that are suitable for skin types prone to allergies. These products are made from 925/sterling silver. We are working on expanding this range currently. You may view the products here.


What the jewelry pieces tarnish?

Unfortunately, yes our pieces are susceptible to wear and tear. However, you can follow the care tips below to prolong the life of your jewelry pieces.


How can I prolong the life of my jewelry pieces?

Always apply cosmetics, hairspray, perfume and lotion before putting on the jewelry pieces.

To avoid scratches, store the accessories in a fabric-lined box, separately.

Do not expose them to cleaning products, chlorine swimming pools and sea water as they might cause discolouration.

For cleaning, use jewelry polishing clothes for best results. Using tissue or paper towels may cause scratches due to the fibres in these products. To remove dust particles, use a soft brush to gently brush them away.





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